“5 Miles” – A futuristic view of Geolocation

The World of the Fivecasts

A fivecast is a digital being in the form of a rich electronic message, whose only goal in life is to forecast important information on a 5 miles radius. A fivecast is born from a FiveMaster’s desire to communicate something to other fivemasters (used to be known as Users). A fivecast lives in a FiveNest (used to be known as Devices) and it looks for other fivenests to leave a copy of its message. Some time apart these fivenests were known as “mobile devices” because fivemasters used to actually carry objects and create fivecasts manually, now there are blurry distinctions between fivenests and fivemasters. As we said earlier, a fivecast’s only purpose of existing is to leave its footprints in as many qualified fivenests as possible. Unfortunately, a fivecast only live for 24 hours, after that, he gets recalled by the FiveQuarter (main quadrant) to be stored in the fivecast archive forever. However, a print of the fivecast is kept at the fivenest until the fivemasters decides to erase it. This print was originally how the fivecast was created the first time. Sometimes, fivemasters decide to create a new fivecast out of these prints. Some other times, the fivemasters even use other fivemasters’ fivecasts to create a new one of their own. A peculiar aspect of a fivecast is that it moves with its fivemaster if the fivemaster so wishes. What this does is to allow a fivecast to constantly find new fivenests as the fivemaster moves within any territory.

This is definitely the World of the Fivecasts. Today there are more than 6 Trillion fivecasts at any given moment. Fivemasters had abandoned many other ways to communicate and depend heavily on fivecasts reliable way to distribute information. Thus, in this relatively new inter-connected world of fivecast it is less important to know a fivemaster profile (or ID or login as it used to be known). It is more important to know the basic attributes of each fivecast: content, location, longevity and fivemaster print. Since fivecast are pervasive and consistent, the world of fivemaster had learned to respect its use and role in this global community. Fivecast used to depend on a technology called GPS, now with this many satellites and new technology they keep providing its good original use: to alert fivemasters on a 5-Mile radius, regardless of their positioning in this planet. Sometimes a fivemaster would take a 30 minutes travel across the globe, the fivecasts know better that when the fivemaster lands it has to continue finding new fivenests in this new area. Also, fivemasters also used to use languages to communicate (before the unification); thus, fivecasts have the property of presenting their information in the language the fivemasters selected.

I have heard good stories about how fivecasts had changed fivemasters circumstances, some times critical. These stories went from generic to unique ones. For example, there was a fivemaster who has lost a pet, a beautiful dog who was part of the family for many years. Apparently something had happened to the dog that make him decided to leave the house that day, perhaps chasing something. When the fivemaster realized he was not there, immediately created a fivecast (back then all fivecasts were only text, and not all dogs had geo-localizers). Another fivemaster was having coffee nearby, she saw the fivecast and the dog, and immediately made the connection and alert the first fivemaster with a quick fivecast update (relevant appends to fivecasts). The first fivemaster was able to go to the nearby location and found his dog 5 minutes later.

Another story was about 3 fivemasters wanting to play a specific sport in a public location. One of them sends a fivecast announcing they needed a few more players. Since fivecasts had a location embedded there were no need to add details, 20 minutes later the entire group was ready to start playing.

Fivecast are also very useful to announce to fivemasters getting into the area about specific events. Fivemasters, who opened their garage to sell their unused items only needed to create a fivecast and then every fivemaster in the vicinity, or driving into it, would get the announcement with location. Knowing that fivecast only last 1 day, fivemasters would rely on the freshness of the information to find the specific location.  This same example applied also to community events and weekend activities.

Through the years, it was interested to see how fivemasters adopted the use of fivecasts. Sometimes they were used to cross communication among fivemasters who relatively knew each other; sometimes they were used amongst total strangers, who later ended up creating new relationships that would’ve not happened otherwise.

Businesses also adopted the use of fivemasters heavily. The FiveQuarter “trained” a large number of fivecasts to only reproduce their content across an specific set of fivemasters). While fivecasts were opened-by-design, this sort of restriction had to be put in place to secure information pertaining only to specific companies. The adoption was massive and it replaced most of the old ways to broadcast information (there used to be something called Radio for example). Once, a large mining company, with 3000 employees who had implemented the use of fivecasts had problems reaching 5 miners that were lost underground. Scanning the area they were able to run into fivecasts providing their location. They owe their life to one great digital friend: a fivecast.

The World was never the same after the launch of 5 Miles, the original system where fivecast saw their beginning. At first, there was reluctance; fivemasters didn’t see themselves as a second-level role in a communication system. They always though they had to be the core of something like this, their reasoning was mostly around them being responsible for the creation of the fivecasts. But 5 Miles would’ve progressed if it had kept everything bound to actual people, with profiles and complex tools to allow them to configure access to information they felt was important to share. The system renamed the creators of fivecasts as fivemasters because it knew that people wouldn’t necessarily be the only ones creating fivecasts. Today other intelligent systems are creating very useful fivecast by the billions. Sure, at the beginning, people were asked to enter something called Email or social accounts as a way to trace back to them any pertaining information regarding their fivecasts. But that was only a way to get started, later there were much iteration of identifiers till now when there is no need of one.

Back when 5 Miles started, people segmented the areas where they live with geographical boundaries and they grouped themselves to manage their way of living. This approach didn’t work out that good because they found themselves in constant conflict between territories (used to be called Countries) and even within the same territory. Also, they found that the difference in quality of living between some and others were abysmal; their first hint was that they spent most of their lives seeking material reward instead of truly connecting with their existence. Luckily, when 5 Miles started, other companies created similar systems to enhance communication between humans and collectively find solutions to big problems they were having back then. At some point they almost lost the planet they fed from. Before 5 Miles there were large organizations providing quick access to vast amount of information through something called “search engine” (which was later replaced by dynamic data availability). Then there were others providing humans with ways to hold large amount of data about their conversations or others who provide digital places for people to expose their happenings and life changes. When that happened, thousand of communities were built (they used to call them “Social Networks”) for every specific type of segmentation. That was the landscape upon which was built 5 Miles.

5 Miles was the creation of a technologist with aspiration for global peace and inner joy; his name was Jorge Canal and founded a technology company 20 years before 5 Miles was launched.

Ever since there had been much noise about 5 Miles and fivecasts, there was a whole brand created around it, there were hundred of satellite and private 5 Miles systems. There were dozens of games created to entertain, from all of them, my favorite was one where fivemasters became the pieces within a game and they were constantly exchanging challenges to each other with a specific goal. Until then, games were played in screens with “controllers”, but this was one of the first real life games with blurry lines between being a player or a character.

The World now is a better place, not necessarily thanks to 5 Miles, but thanks to the initiatives it created as natural merge of technology and quality of life. There are no countries, no differences between all of us; systems that govern our material needs are more fair and accurate. Specially, we had found that living without having more than others was actually not a good way to live. We’ve found out that “labeling” everything created most of the problems, since the way we think to the way we look and treat each other. The massive awaken of consciousness to wipe out labeling created the space for all of us to directly connect from being to being, and that catapulted many solutions to many other problems.


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